I never really loved dogs till I met Ana. It’s odd especially when my sister is a renowned vet!

It took about a year for Ginger to be off leash with me around. He was a very good guard dog and hence ferocious. But he is among the most loving and lovable dog I’ve ever met. The welcome I got when I entered home was out of this world! Especially when I returned home from long work trips. Unfortunately he passed away of old age in January 2019 and the sad part is that Ana and myself were in Chennai when he left us. The first pic below is the last pic I took of him at our last moments with him in Dec 2018.

Pepper on the other hand is a loving lab who will welcome anyone who comes home, including robbers! She will eat anything you give her. And you will be blown away with her tricks!

Here are some photos of Ginger & Pepper

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