WWDC – iOS 15: Safari

The totally redesigned Safari coming with iOS 15 has a lot of cool things that will make it much easier to use across your iPhone, iPad and Macs. Apple shared two goals that were kept in mind with the new Safari

  1. Making controls easier to reach with one hand
  2. Putting content front and center

The very noticeable change is the new URL/search/tab bar at the bottom of Safari which makes it so much easier to access with one hand on the Pro devices. Having developed a few extensions for Safari, I am keen to see how these work now on the phone. But the interesting one for me is tab groups.

source: Apple

Chrome has tab groups which works very well. On iOS however, based on what we saw in the keynote, tab groups look and work a little differently, with labels in your tab bar and a side menu.

Tab groups sync across platforms as well, so you don’t have to worry about extensions or synchronizing stuff, and you can even share them with others. Sharing a tab group is pretty nice and I see myself using this feature a lot.

The new design may take some time to get used to, especially all the different swipes. But the redesign is much needed and useful!

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