Moving on from Guilt

Over the course of our lives upto this point, we all have probably done a few things we regret. Mistakes are normal to human growth. Still, the guilt that creeps in and stakes out space in your consciousness can cause plenty of emotional and physical turmoil. You might know guilt best as the nauseating twistContinue reading “Moving on from Guilt”

WWDC 2022: What’s new in iOS, WatchOS, MacOS?

Each year Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developer Conference with a few hours of back-to-back-to-back announcements, generally covering things from iOS to watchOS to new hardware. Here are some of the key announcements made at the keynote on Monday. iOS 16 The lock screen is getting an overhaul. It’ll allow for more customization, plus support for widgets —Continue reading “WWDC 2022: What’s new in iOS, WatchOS, MacOS?”

Airbnb Moves from Webpack to Metro for Faster Builds

Like many companies, Airbnb has experienced growing pains with bundlers as its codebase grew. But even after its codebase quadrupled, the company was able to speed UX changes to the front end when it migrated its JavaScript code bundler from Webpack to Metro in 2018. With build performance significantly improved, UI changes appeared 80% faster, as per the Time to Interactive (TTI) metric.Continue reading “Airbnb Moves from Webpack to Metro for Faster Builds”

Success & Growth Look Different for Everyone

My wife loves plants and when I saw this quote I recalled a lot of what I see in our garden. Some plants grow outward first while other spend months growing roots before they are able to show any fruit.some plants grow outward first while other spend months growing roots before they are able toContinue reading “Success & Growth Look Different for Everyone”

Change Your Story

We often limit ourselves by deciding we can’t do something before we even try.  These limiting beliefs may lead us to ask ourselves, “Why bother?” or tell ourselves, “This is silly.” When we do this, we are effectively telling ourselves the answer is “no” before we even ask the question. When we do that, we’veContinue reading “Change Your Story”

Stop Trying to Change People Who Dont Want to Change

Its hard to watch a friend or family member struggling with a problem or making bad decisions. You naturally want to help. You want to make the lives of your friends and family members easier and more joyful. You want to fix their problems and relieve their suffering. Trying to keep a loved one outContinue reading “Stop Trying to Change People Who Dont Want to Change”

.NET MAUI Reaches General Availability, Replacing Xamarin.Forms

Microsoft’s evolution of Xamarin.Forms, .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI), has finally reached General Availability status, providing one framework for both mobile apps and, now, desktop apps. Announced at the company’s big Build developer conference, the GA release is some six months late, as it was originally planned to debut with .NET 6 in November 2021Continue reading “.NET MAUI Reaches General Availability, Replacing Xamarin.Forms”

How To Train Your Brain To Become More Positive?

We face many challenges in our personal life as well as in our career. In fact, career is one aspect of life which constantly makes us uncertain and at times leads us to the negative loop. From the quest of choosing the right career to the competitive peers, from ever nudging relatives to an un-supportiveContinue reading “How To Train Your Brain To Become More Positive?”

Measure of Your Character

Through our lives we encounter different types of people who are successful. Some we look up to and some who teach what we should not be. No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. And this is exactly what came to my mind whenContinue reading “Measure of Your Character”