The SCARF Model

Conversations are much more than a simple exchange of words. Consciously or not, every time we interact with someone, we’re meeting some of their social needs and perhaps depriving them of others. That is, we’re using language and engaging in behavior that either uplifts and motivates people or causes them to withdraw and shut down.Continue reading “The SCARF Model”

Pope Francis 10 years on

Early in Pope Francis’s pontificate, the sense of expectation was enormous. He spoke simply and powerfully. He stayed away from the typical trappings of papal luxury. He was seen as an outsider and a natural reformer. He stirred some trepidation among conservatives, but not enough to override the global adulation. “The People’s Pope,” Time magazine called him,Continue reading “Pope Francis 10 years on”

Morning Rose Bud ~ Fr. T

morning rose budeach one prophecyeach one promisesequence fulfillunfathomable wayonly He knowstill dazzle bloomand way beyond His touch of graceHis always there… my life a prophecyHis promise madeI must fulfillthrough living faithof what must be His plans unfolduncertain waysmy joyous lifenot sacrificebut fully livedsufficient gracean offering photo and poem by Fr. Terrence Quadros SJ

Fading Leaf ~ Fr. T

quiet offeringgiven fullyfreely givenlight lit green leaveshush spray belowin upward strive rising wavesoft presenceyearn ascentbeyond reach fading leafduty donewaits descentto earth soilthere decomposeenrich the earth each moment blessedwith have to doand graceful livelife no regretsof glory goneor how to benew differently. we live life pathsby God designedHis choices madeall falls in placethough now and thenweContinue reading “Fading Leaf ~ Fr. T”

Taking Control Of Your Happiness

We’ve all seen kids going about their day with a large majority spent in a joyful state. You would have to try really hard to make a child unhappy. But as we grow up, that trend reverses. We spend most of our days unhappy and we are constantly looking for something or someone externally toContinue reading “Taking Control Of Your Happiness”

How to be Less Reactive

When we are emotionally reactive, we tend to be more stressed. We feel angry or often hurt because we react impulsively. Putting it another way, we overreact. Our perception of the existing situation confronting us becomes altered. This makes us prone to making the wrong decisions. Correcting a misunderstanding is much harder than learning toContinue reading “How to be Less Reactive”

7 Eye Opening Japanese Concepts

Japanese fans at the recent FIFA World Cup tournament  have been receiving praise for their admirable habit of cleaning up the stadium after their team’s matches. It’s commonplace to see Japanese fans, blue garbage sacks in hand, hanging back after the game to pick up the trash everyone has left behind in the stadium. DidContinue reading “7 Eye Opening Japanese Concepts”

The Mouse & The Jar Of Grains

A “mouse” was put at the top of a jar filled with grains. He was too happy to find so much food around him. Now he doesn’t need to run around searching for food and can happily lead his life. As he enjoyed the grains, in a few days’ time, he reached the bottom ofContinue reading “The Mouse & The Jar Of Grains”