Little Miracles Happen Everyday

Every day, billions of people wake up in the morning and go about their busy days. For some, the busyness of the day does not allow for time to reflect, while for others, the mundane routine offers little to look forward to, or to be grateful for. The nature of life today does not oftenContinue reading “Little Miracles Happen Everyday”

Taking a Leap of Faith

Leaping without knowing where you’ll land on the other side can be extremely scary. But taking risks is necessary for growth. All of the greatest things in life require a leap of faith. You cannot fall in love if you don’t let down your walls and leap. You most likely won’t advance in your careerContinue reading “Taking a Leap of Faith”

Our Children, Our Future

One of my favourite songs from the eighties is “The Greatest Love of All,” the mega hit by Whitney Houston. When I consider why I like this song so much, it’s the first line of the lyrics that just grabs me right away, “I believe the children are our future.”  At about 35, most adultsContinue reading “Our Children, Our Future”

Finding your Passion

It can be so frustrating when people advise you, “Just follow your passion!” Yeah, sure, you’d love to—if only you knew what your passion was. Remember when we were kids? We would just do things, not sitting to weigh the pros and cons. Did we think to ourselves “What are the benefits of playing basketballContinue reading “Finding your Passion”

How to make everyone feel included

Whether it be in a conversation, at the office, or at school, it is important to work towards emotionally including everybody.  While this can seem daunting and challenging, it is completely worth it. A recent study found that “almost half of our population feel alone, and younger generations feel the most isolated.” If you wantContinue reading “How to make everyone feel included”

Hard Work Pays Off

We all need a little bit of encouragement and motivation from time to time. Even the most inspirational people in the world have times when nothing happens. And that’s completely ok. We are all entitled to be down for a bit. It’s during the moments of zero inspiration, zero motivation and low points that weContinue reading “Hard Work Pays Off”

Don’t Let Negative People Bring You Down

It is so difficult to remain focused on achieving your goals with all the noise around us from family, friends, colleagues and even strangers! Some people are just big balls of darkness who never seem to see the positive side of anything and who are very vocal about the problems they perceive. Being around aContinue reading “Don’t Let Negative People Bring You Down”

Unfold your Infinite Potential

It really comes down to a question of why do we believe that we are here. Why do we wake up in the morning just to go to bed to then get up again? What is the purpose? This is where the question of a spiritual life vs a simply physical life arises. Are weContinue reading “Unfold your Infinite Potential”

How to tap into your ‘magic powers’

We are all born with this very special gift of magic. It is an immeasurable power, yet is so simple that we often overlook or dismiss it. Each and every one of us has it, yet my guess is that you don’t realize that, just by tapping into this power, you can create a lifeContinue reading “How to tap into your ‘magic powers’”