Journey vs Destination

There’s nothing more natural than using path- and travel-related metaphors. We’ve all spoken of “long roads ahead”, “heading in the right direction”, or “taking a wrong turn.” The destination is like a dot on the map, it’s the desired end-state of all our striving. If you’re trying to lose 20 pounds, then 20 pounds lighter isContinue reading “Journey vs Destination”

Turning your back on the crowd…to Lead

When I first saw this quote on one of my friend’s Whatsapp story, I was filled with awe. I see so many people in leadership who spend a lot of time wanting to be “in the crowd” instead of leading the crowd. No doubt it is hard to turn our backs to the cheering crowdContinue reading “Turning your back on the crowd…to Lead”

Tough Times Don’t Last

We all go through difficulties in life. Failure, losing your job, bankruptcy, the death of a loved one and countless other scenarios. Going through these situations is never easy. Sometimes, we just want to give up and throw our hands up in silent resignation. It’s easy to see why. These are all painful situations that hitContinue reading “Tough Times Don’t Last”

Our Children, Our Future

One of my favourite songs from the eighties is “The Greatest Love of All,” the mega hit by Whitney Houston. When I consider why I like this song so much, it’s the first line of the lyrics that just grabs me right away, “I believe the children are our future.”  At about 35, most adultsContinue reading “Our Children, Our Future”

Who Supports Your Dreams?

All of us have dreams and passions. Many of us are too scared to even take a step towards making our dreams a reality. And the road isn’t easy for the few brave souls who pursue their passions. There will be some who encourage you, some who pull you down, some who mock you andContinue reading “Who Supports Your Dreams?”

Make yourself your TOP priority

I believe we should all be a bit more selfish. We should all prioritize our own needs. We should take care of ourselves before taking care of other people. In his book “12 Rules for Life”, Jordan Peterson has a full chapter about how most of us are actually better at taking care of other peopleContinue reading “Make yourself your TOP priority”

What Hard Times Teach Us

While difficult times can feel like a deep dark hole that we can’t escape and we often wonder “Why is this happening to me?”, there is a silver lining to tough times. It’s through difficult times in our life, that we are able to grow. It’s when we are tested that we are able toContinue reading “What Hard Times Teach Us”

How to Stop Running and Start Living

It’s difficult to pin down the moment you joined the rat race. It just sort of…happened. I remember when I just started working I didn’t have much money. I split the rent for your crappy apartment with roommates, got a second-hand old kinetic, and sustained myself on maggi noodles quite often. Yet, I, like mostContinue reading “How to Stop Running and Start Living”