Change Your Story

We often limit ourselves by deciding we can’t do something before we even try.  These limiting beliefs may lead us to ask ourselves, “Why bother?” or tell ourselves, “This is silly.” When we do this, we are effectively telling ourselves the answer is “no” before we even ask the question. When we do that, we’veContinue reading “Change Your Story”

Stop Trying to Change People Who Dont Want to Change

Its hard to watch a friend or family member struggling with a problem or making bad decisions. You naturally want to help. You want to make the lives of your friends and family members easier and more joyful. You want to fix their problems and relieve their suffering. Trying to keep a loved one outContinue reading “Stop Trying to Change People Who Dont Want to Change”

Why do People Care

When I saw this quote, the following story immediately came to mind. On March 10, 1748, John Newton, a 22-year-old English seaman who had worked in the slave trade, was traveling home on a merchant ship after a series of misadventures, including being captured and enslaved in Sierra Leone. On that day, a violent stormContinue reading “Why do People Care”

Kick Out The Auto Pilot

As one ages it becomes easier to just allow life to lead you rather than you leading your life. It’s as if ‘auto pilot’ has kicked in. We just wake up and respond to life. We do what we do and ultimately allow the status quo to become our life style. Or….we can determine as we getContinue reading “Kick Out The Auto Pilot”

The Secret of Happiness is Less Expectations

How many times in your life have you experienced hurt, disappointment, anger, or stress, from the difference between your imagination and reality? We’re very creative creatures. And when we set out to do things, we always expect that everything will turn out exactly the way we want. Does this sound familiar? “I’m going to finishContinue reading “The Secret of Happiness is Less Expectations”

Microhabits to Change your Life

Is it really possible to change one’s life in such a short timeframe? Well, yes. Just don’t expect a complete overhaul of your life in 30 days or you’ll be terribly disappointed! You can, however, change your life to a certain degree in 30 days. Remember, 1% positive change in a month is still change.Continue reading “Microhabits to Change your Life”

Our Children, Our Future

One of my favourite songs from the eighties is “The Greatest Love of All,” the mega hit by Whitney Houston. When I consider why I like this song so much, it’s the first line of the lyrics that just grabs me right away, “I believe the children are our future.”  At about 35, most adultsContinue reading “Our Children, Our Future”

How to Prevent Arrogance from Knocking You Out

Arrogance is a trait that we both reward and punish. We admire successful people because they always win no matter what. Even if they bash their competitors in the process. When the arrogant wins — no one seems to cares about what they leave behind in the dust. ”Be successful” has become our motto. You must proveContinue reading “How to Prevent Arrogance from Knocking You Out”

Going Against the Flow

In life, we’re often told to “go with the flow.” Meaning, the flow of energy, the flow of events as they unfold. The implication here is that we shouldn’t struggle against forces beyond our control. To do so is to expend valuable energy that’s better exerted elsewhere. It’s my feeling that people who are passiveContinue reading “Going Against the Flow”