What Sparks a Light in You?

Do you know what ‘sparks a light in you?’ Are you aware of what makes you feel excitedly creative, awakened, full of life and energy, brimming with enthusiasm and passion? When you start to do the things that you truly love, it wouldn’t matter whether it is Monday or Friday; you would be so excitedContinue reading “What Sparks a Light in You?”

Success & Growth Look Different for Everyone

My wife loves plants and when I saw this quote I recalled a lot of what I see in our garden. Some plants grow outward first while other spend months growing roots before they are able to show any fruit.some plants grow outward first while other spend months growing roots before they are able toContinue reading “Success & Growth Look Different for Everyone”

How To Train Your Brain To Become More Positive?

We face many challenges in our personal life as well as in our career. In fact, career is one aspect of life which constantly makes us uncertain and at times leads us to the negative loop. From the quest of choosing the right career to the competitive peers, from ever nudging relatives to an un-supportiveContinue reading “How To Train Your Brain To Become More Positive?”

Create your own Happiness

How would you define a happy person? Most of the research in the field of psychology defines a happy person as someone who experiences frequent positive emotions, such as joy, interest, pride, and sometimes infrequent (though not absent) negative emotions, such as sadness, anxiety, and anger. Happiness has also been said to relate to lifeContinue reading “Create your own Happiness”

The Secret of Happiness is Less Expectations

How many times in your life have you experienced hurt, disappointment, anger, or stress, from the difference between your imagination and reality? We’re very creative creatures. And when we set out to do things, we always expect that everything will turn out exactly the way we want. Does this sound familiar? “I’m going to finishContinue reading “The Secret of Happiness is Less Expectations”

Self-Care is NOT being Selfish

Do you find yourself striving to have it all, do it all and be everything to everyone? If so, you know that it comes at a cost: It’s easy to lose sight of yourself in the process. Worse yet, somewhere along the way, you were led to believe that taking care of yourself translated into beingContinue reading “Self-Care is NOT being Selfish”

Inner Peace is the New Success

When I saw this doodle by @thedoodledesk, I recalled this tweet by Syed Balkhi which I was sometime back:Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool. Inner peace is the opposite of being stressed or anxious. You get inner peace by gainingContinue reading “Inner Peace is the New Success”

Finding Joy in Little Things

In the midst of dreaming big, setting up a goal, planning, and implementing it, we often tend to overlook the happiness that we can seek from the little things around us. Finding happiness in little things can refresh your mind. It can also help you to release stress from your mind. Little things seem nothing,Continue reading “Finding Joy in Little Things”

Not Everyone Is Genuinely Happy For You

When something beautiful comes our way we run to share the good news with friends, family or colleagues, and their wide smiles, giggles, hi-fives, and awkward jumps, fool us into thinking they are genuinely happy for us. Think again. Not many are genuinely happy for us. To be fair, a few are genuinely happy forContinue reading “Not Everyone Is Genuinely Happy For You”

Collect Memories, Not Things

Do you remember your first phone, or that awesome Starbucks caramel latte you bought last week? How do those items make you feel? Now, think of a Christmas with your family. It probably isn’t the gifts you think of first; you probably think of the conversations, the laughter, and the board games. Lasting joy doesn’tContinue reading “Collect Memories, Not Things”