How to Let Go of the Past

Our past experiences can have a significant impact on our daily lives. We often base our decisions on events that we have witnessed and also dwell on past experiences or people. Letting go is never easy. It may be hard for some and even harder for others. I am not what happened to me. IContinue reading “How to Let Go of the Past”

The Power of Choice

We all make choices in our lives every day, both knowingly and unknowingly. From simple decisions like what to eat for dinner and what to wear to work, to the heavier ones about who to be friends with and whether to change jobs, there’s a truth that we must all embrace: everyone has the power of choice.Continue reading “The Power of Choice”

Things will work out

We have all gone through that phase wondering what God is up to, why does everything that happens makes us feel that things are just going downhill. Maybe it’s work or stress-related, or maybe you are struggling with relationships. Maybe it’s something in your financial life. And no matter what you do in any ofContinue reading “Things will work out”

Little Miracles Happen Everyday

Every day, billions of people wake up in the morning and go about their busy days. For some, the busyness of the day does not allow for time to reflect, while for others, the mundane routine offers little to look forward to, or to be grateful for. The nature of life today does not oftenContinue reading “Little Miracles Happen Everyday”

Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

We all want to be accepted and loved by others. It is a nearly universal human desire. After all, we evolved to survive better in groups, where fitting in and having the trust and respect of our peers are the measures of success. The need to belong is in our DNA. But sometimes that need takesContinue reading “Stop Worrying About What Other People Think”

Taking a Leap of Faith

Leaping without knowing where you’ll land on the other side can be extremely scary. But taking risks is necessary for growth. All of the greatest things in life require a leap of faith. You cannot fall in love if you don’t let down your walls and leap. You most likely won’t advance in your careerContinue reading “Taking a Leap of Faith”

Can we Save our Planet?

Unfortunately, we humans have not been very good stewards of the Earth over the years. To protect the environment and preserve the planet for our children and future generations, we all need to take proactive steps toward cleaner living habits. Whether it’s gas, food, clothing, cars, furniture, water, toys, electronics, knick-knacks or other goods, weContinue reading “Can we Save our Planet?”

Focus on the Now to Build your Tomorrow

Do you catch yourself spending a lot of time focusing on your future, meticulously planning it to the last detail and sacrificing the present moment for some illusory sense of happiness. Often we are too busy thinking of the future, seeing what we will do after we get that dream job, plan our dream vacation. UnderContinue reading “Focus on the Now to Build your Tomorrow”