Fill up your cup

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Do you intentionally fill up your cup? With careers, businesses, and families, we’re high-performing achievers that always try to give our best to everything – and this takes a lot out of us! Many of us understand that we need to fill our cup, but we don’t. SomeContinue reading “Fill up your cup”

Wabi-Sabi – The Beauty of Imperfection

Centuries back, in the height of the Japanese autumn, in one of Kyoto’s majestic gardens, a tea master asked his disciple to prepare for tea ceremony. The young man trimmed the hedges, raked the gravel, picked the dried leaves from the stones, cleared the moss path of twigs. The garden looked immaculate: not a bladeContinue reading “Wabi-Sabi – The Beauty of Imperfection”

When Things Don’t Go As Planned…

It is one of the hard things in life: accepting that life sometimes doesn’t go as planned. We manage to come up with the most beautiful things in our mind. We go along with timeless new encounters which seem to be developing into lifelong friendships, or hope that this new encounter might lead to theContinue reading “When Things Don’t Go As Planned…”

Time to Reflect

It’s the first day of February! And maybe now would be a good time to reflect on where you are with the resolutions you took at the start of the year. Breaking from our usual habits is difficult and often painful – requiring not just willpower and stamina but also the courage to take risks,Continue reading “Time to Reflect”

Focus on Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with putting energy into relationships with loved ones or turning your attention toward finding a romantic partner or new friend. People need love, intimacy, and companionship, so you are focusing on yourself by pursuing those needs. But when was the last time you stopped to consider your needs, without also taking into account what someone else wantedContinue reading “Focus on Yourself”

The Best Is Yet To Come, Keep Your Fork

When I read this quote the following story immediately came to mind. It is about a woman diagnosed with a terminal illness. She was dying. Her life was measured not in years…or months…but in weeks and days. She called the minister to her home to make her final preparations.  As they talked of her funeral,Continue reading “The Best Is Yet To Come, Keep Your Fork”

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

It’s funny, despite the good intentions and resolutions, the reality is most new years we come back to the daily routine feeling nothing much has changed in the last year. They say the new year brings fresh motivation, and that returning to work after the proper break leaves you feeling ready to get going againContinue reading “Spend More Time Doing What You Love”

What Consumes your Mind Controls your Life

When we work hard, day after day, we start thinking about work even when we’re away from it. There are many reasons why this happens, while one of the major ones is – quick impulsive decisions don’t consume our mind, while more challenging ones can turn our everyday life a nightmare.  Similarly whenever you findContinue reading “What Consumes your Mind Controls your Life”

Keep Trying…

Persistence and never giving up are extremely important qualities for a person on his way towards goals and dreams. We meet many obstacles all the time, that is why it is necessary to learn how be determined in our life. Here is a lovely story that I came across on following your dream. From his childhood, Monty’s father as aContinue reading “Keep Trying…”