Focus on the Now to Build your Tomorrow

Do you catch yourself spending a lot of time focusing on your future, meticulously planning it to the last detail and sacrificing the present moment for some illusory sense of happiness. Often we are too busy thinking of the future, seeing what we will do after we get that dream job, plan our dream vacation. UnderContinue reading “Focus on the Now to Build your Tomorrow”

Tough Times Don’t Last

We all go through difficulties in life. Failure, losing your job, bankruptcy, the death of a loved one and countless other scenarios. Going through these situations is never easy. Sometimes, we just want to give up and throw our hands up in silent resignation. It’s easy to see why. These are all painful situations that hitContinue reading “Tough Times Don’t Last”

Nothing is Impossible

I think there is nothing impossible in this world, and you would never find it in the dictionary of a successful person. Impossible is the word mostly said by unsuccessful people, who don’t have the courage to do something remarkable in their life. The more you think about “Impossible”, the stronger and larger it becomes.Continue reading “Nothing is Impossible”

The Courage to Keep Going

Most of us have this notion that success is the ultimate.  It is not a final destination to reach, it just an achievement to be counted on in your life’s journey. Success or failure is never an end to anything, it’s just a start; similarly comparison with others is not going to help us in anyway.Continue reading “The Courage to Keep Going”

15 Habits of the Tough

Saying things like, “I’m not scared of anything,” or, “I didn’t want that promotion anyway,” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re mentally strong. In fact, there’s a good chance you might just be acting tough. While acting tough may meet your needs in the short term by artificially boosting your ego or by getting other people to back off, it’s notContinue reading “15 Habits of the Tough”


Here are three real-life inspiring stories that just left me awestruck! Satya NadellaSatya Nadella wasn’t born with a net worth of $85 million. It isn’t his luck that he is the CEO of a tech giant. He joined Microsoft in 1992 and it took him 22 years to work for a position that was cultivated by BillContinue reading “Perseverance”

The Journey

Life is indeed about the journey. The funny thing — the ultimate cosmic joke — is that we won’t truly understand that until we’ve taken the journey.  Sometime back I listened to a Howard Stern interview with Jonah Hill. They were discussing topics such as taking notes on a film and why Jonah wanted to host SNL for a fifthContinue reading “The Journey”

Keep Trying…

Persistence and never giving up are extremely important qualities for a person on his way towards goals and dreams. We meet many obstacles all the time, that is why it is necessary to learn how be determined in our life. Here is a lovely story that I came across on following your dream. From his childhood, Monty’s father as aContinue reading “Keep Trying…”

Where there is a will..

Long ago, in China, there lived a big businessman whose business was to sell combs. Now that he was becoming old and about to retire, he wanted to place the business into wise and able hands. So, he called forth his three sons and instructed them, that their assignment was to sell combs in theContinue reading “Where there is a will..”