Impossible = I’m Possible

Many times I look at my goals and ask myself whether my goal is realistic or accessible for me. It’s a good question to ask as it lets me assess how I plan to get there but often times, it is a doubt that I have put on myself. Through my doubt and my insecurityContinue reading “Impossible = I’m Possible”

Glass of Lemonade

There was college student who was always silent and alone. He always seemed bit nervous and didn’t even had any friends. His teacher noticed this and one day asked him to meet him after class. When student went to see teacher, teacher said to him, “I see that you are often very quiet. Neither doContinue reading “Glass of Lemonade”

Aimless Wandering

One of the key reasons I was trapped into aimless wandering for sometime was because I kept listening to what everyone around me was saying. That was when I came across this quote by Winston Churchill “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” During ourContinue reading “Aimless Wandering”

The Bamboo Tree

A man got frustrated with life. Despite all the hard work and effort, failure was all that he learnt.  Feeling defeated with life, he left everything and exiled himself in the woods. There he met a Hermit. The disappointed man shared is failure with the hermit. “Give me one good reason not to quit?”- HeContinue reading “The Bamboo Tree”

Learning to Love Obstacles

Ryan Holiday in his book The Obstacle is the Way explores the idea that obstacles are actually our best friends, our wisest teachers, our greatest allies. Using examples from Marcus Aurelius to Amelia Earhart, Ulysses S. Grant to Barack Obama, he shows that the greatest feats in humanity weren’t accomplished in the absence of obstaclesContinue reading “Learning to Love Obstacles”

And we hit a century!

I got back to writing whilst I was recovering from Covid in the last week of April and first week of May. I set up this site and wrote my first article on May 6. And today I complete a 100 days of posting every single day! And coincidentally this 100th day falls on myContinue reading “And we hit a century!”

Keep Trying

When four-time Olympic gold medal winner Sanya Richards-Ross said, “Failure I can live with; not trying is what I can’t handle”, she really meant it. Despite her extraordinary sporting accomplishments, the athletics star knows exactly what she is talking about, having gone through enough failure and heartache to sink all but the very strongest. “There are noContinue reading “Keep Trying”

Marvan Atapattu

An amazing story on Marvan Attapattu, Srilankan Cricketer. It’s a story that Harsha Bhogle, India’s most loved cricket commentator, loves to tell, over and over again. Making his debut in Test cricket for Sri Lanka, Marvan scored a duck in his first innings. And again, in his second innings. They dropped him. So he wentContinue reading “Marvan Atapattu”