Chip Away At Yourself Everyday

On August 16, 1501, Michelangelo was chosen to the execute the herculean task of sculpting the greatest sculpture ever created, The David. Shortly after receiving the commission, Michelangelo set to work. From a massive block of marble excavated in Northern Tuscany, he chipped away, day after day, week after week, month after month…until just overContinue reading “Chip Away At Yourself Everyday”

There’s No Such Thing As Overnight Success

Overnight successes don’t happen overnight. Stories of overnight success are a myth, or greatly exaggerated. And no great thing is created suddenly. Rome wasn’t built in a day. No great thing is created suddenly Epictetus Steve Martin, the famous comedian, summarises his stand-up career in the following words: “I did stand-up comedy for 18 years. TenContinue reading “There’s No Such Thing As Overnight Success”

Sia ~ Never Give Up

“Never give up” is a phrase that we’ve been hearing a lot in the last year. As I scroll through LinkedIn, I still see so many people desperately looking for a job as well as posts of people who finally get through after umpteen rejections. In today’s culture of instant gratification, we often tend toContinue reading “Sia ~ Never Give Up”