My Fishy Formula to Shine – 3 P

Sometimes we wonder how some people seem to be at the right place and the right time and have all the luck. I do not believe in luck as there is a lot more than what we hear of these “success stories”. As the quote implies, it is pointless having a great car that isContinue reading “My Fishy Formula to Shine – 3 P”

Where are you headed?

I’ve always admired and been inspired by founders of startups who work towards bringing their ideas to life despite all the challenges that come their way. This quote reminded me of them. Like them we all have dreams and desires. Simply intending or desiring a certain outcome is never enough. Most of us land upContinue reading “Where are you headed?”

There’s No Such Thing As Overnight Success

Overnight successes don’t happen overnight. Stories of overnight success are a myth, or greatly exaggerated. And no great thing is created suddenly. Rome wasn’t built in a day. No great thing is created suddenly Epictetus Steve Martin, the famous comedian, summarises his stand-up career in the following words: “I did stand-up comedy for 18 years. TenContinue reading “There’s No Such Thing As Overnight Success”


Keeping the main thing the main thing makes sense only if you know what’s the main thing. Many a times we are drifting like a falling leaf, going where life takes us, blissfully unaware of where I’m going and what I’m doing. Many years ago, during my Jesuit days, I was introduced to the ‘4-Square’Continue reading “Priorities”

Mistakes do not define you, they refine you

Mistakes do not define you, they refine you. It’s easy to lose focus on the big picture, on your future when your day to day life consumes all your time and energy. There is no doubt that living in the present is important. However we tend to look at the past and dwell on eitherContinue reading “Mistakes do not define you, they refine you”