Treating People Right

By mistake his Phone rang in Church during Mass… The Priest scolded him … After prayers, the congregation admonished him for interrupting the silence. His wife lectured him on his carelessness until they got home. One could see the shame, embarrassment n humiliation on his face !! He has never stepped into the Church everContinue reading “Treating People Right”

Jewels Under The Saddle

Once upon a time, what happened did happen…..or you wouldn’t be hearing this story!!A merchant on a casual jaunt through a market, came across a fine specimen of a camel for sale.The merchant and the camel seller, both skilled negotiators, struck a hard bargain. The camel seller pleased with his skill of worming out whatContinue reading “Jewels Under The Saddle”

Why do People Care

When I saw this quote, the following story immediately came to mind. On March 10, 1748, John Newton, a 22-year-old English seaman who had worked in the slave trade, was traveling home on a merchant ship after a series of misadventures, including being captured and enslaved in Sierra Leone. On that day, a violent stormContinue reading “Why do People Care”

Good or Bad, It Comes Back to You

Whatever we do, it comes back to us. Whatever deeds we perform in our daily life — good or bad — we have to bear the fruits of the same. Sooner or later, we will come back to us. This is the rule of life we should bear in mind when dealing with the peopleContinue reading “Good or Bad, It Comes Back to You”

When Ignorance Screams, Intelligence Shuts Up

The donkey told the tiger: The grass is blue. The tiger replied: No, the grass is green​. The discussion became heated, and the two decided to submit the issue to arbitration, and to do so they approached the lion. Before reaching the clearing in the forest where the lion was sitting on his throne, theContinue reading “When Ignorance Screams, Intelligence Shuts Up”

It’s your Attitude that Matters

A study attributed to Harvard University found that when a person gets a job, 85% of the time it’s because of their attitude, only 15% is because of how smart they are or how many facts and figures they know. What matters most comes from having well-developed soft skills and only a few percentages come from hardContinue reading “It’s your Attitude that Matters”

From Pride to Humility

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Pride comes before a fall.” I’ve always taken that as a warning not to become too prideful lest you succumb to a similar temptation. Or perhaps get so puffed up only to be proven publically not to be the person you say you are.  However, the older I get theContinue reading “From Pride to Humility”

The Best Is Yet To Come, Keep Your Fork

When I read this quote the following story immediately came to mind. It is about a woman diagnosed with a terminal illness. She was dying. Her life was measured not in years…or months…but in weeks and days. She called the minister to her home to make her final preparations.  As they talked of her funeral,Continue reading “The Best Is Yet To Come, Keep Your Fork”