Are you ready to ride the bus?

When you are in the best of times, it seems like everybody loves you, even your enemies become your friends. It is though when you need them the most that everyone you know backs off. It is at your worst that you understand who is your real friend and who truly cares. This is theContinue reading “Are you ready to ride the bus?”

Find Friends who Believe in You When…

It’s important to make friendships that have depth and meaning. Friendships that contain more than going out on a Friday night to drink yourself stupid, friendships that have more complexity than going out to lunch and gossiping about other people’s lives, friendships that are more than shallow conversations you could have with just about anyone.Continue reading “Find Friends who Believe in You When…”

Our Happiness is with Others

Everyone wants to find happiness in life. No matter what our circumstances, and no matter what hand we are dealt, the search for true contentment is at the heart of everyone’s goals. The question, then, is how?  How are we supposed to even begin looking for it? A group of people gathered in a room attendingContinue reading “Our Happiness is with Others”

The Crab Mentality

There once was a man who sat on a fishing dock and observed how a bunch of live crabs, in a bucket, behaved. While all of them squirmed at the bottom, every now and then, one crab would crawl up the side in an effort to reach the top and escape. But each time itContinue reading “The Crab Mentality”

Friendship Requires EFFORT

As we grow older, some friendships may slowly start to diminish. It could be because you’ve started to grow apart, maybe you’ve become too different from each other. Sometimes we become extremely busy, and we don’t have as much time as we used to, to hang out with said friends. Maybe you’ve made new friends,Continue reading “Friendship Requires EFFORT”

The Company We Keep

A big chunk of our present and future state of mind and being depends on the company we keep. Surround yourself with the right people and you’ll be growing phenomenally. Surround yourself with the wrong people and you’ll probably be drifting like a leaf that goes where the wind blows! You’re the average of theContinue reading “The Company We Keep”