Are you ready to ride the bus?

When you are in the best of times, it seems like everybody loves you, even your enemies become your friends. It is though when you need them the most that everyone you know backs off.

It is at your worst that you understand who is your real friend and who truly cares. This is the kind of person we all need to stand by our side, hold our hand, and help us stand when we are down on our knees.

As an adult it is often harder to find the time to form those deep friendships outside your immediate family members because we are all trying to juggle a million balls in the air with work and home and community all while trying to give our greatest attention to our own children and spouses where it rightfully belongs.

But even during these challenging years there are individuals who come into our life that we consider our truest of friends. They are individuals who see us through tough times and who always see the best in us despite any of our shortcomings.

I have been blest with such true friends. They picked me up at times I was down. They stood by me when I felt alone. They taught me things about life and about myself with patience and understanding.They lifted my spirits and made them laugh when I was going through tough times. They forgave at times when I was grumpy or obstinate. They loved me without judgment and without expectations.

They gave me hugs, even at times that I may not have deserved one.  These true friends were individuals who were there for me…maybe not always in person or in word every time, but always in heart…and knowing that helped me through incredible challenges throughout the years.

True friends just do that – they help us grow and change for the better.  They support us in good times and bad. They can make us laugh when all we want to do is cry.

And no matter how far apart time and distance may cause us to grow from one another, and even if death takes one of them from this world to the next, we always have the comfort of knowing that these true friends are still there for us, even if only in spirit, cheering us on and wishing us the best, because that is what true friends do for each other.

Here are two lovely songs that come to mind when I think of who will ride the bus with me!

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