The Impeccable One

Tiana Alicia Rodrigues

You were ahead of your time,
In your humble way,
You accepted God’s will,
Over your own fears.

Did you think of society?
Were you worried what if?
Did it hurt to let go?
Your journey has me in awe.

A woman of substance,
A lady with a heart of courage,
A mother with unconditional love,
A model to every generation.

In you, I see hope for every girl,
The ones who fight silent battles,
Those unborn and struggling to feel loved,
The fun loving, vivacious entrepreneurs,
The beautiful homemakers,
Those working hard to make ends meet,
Those who like you build lives through their own.
Those judged for their lives and choices
but not by their scars,
Those who pick themselves daily
even when the world tears them apart.

An epitome of strength to each one,
Our fortress of protection,
An inspiration to every girl,
Make us more like you,
While we strive to thrive.
Happy birthday! Happy Feast!

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