Fallen Leaves ~ Fr. T

Fallen badam leaves scattered on the ground carelessly.Soon to be swept away to garbage.I wandered among them searching, selecting, picking up,putting together… The three in the centre are long ago dried up pipal leaves… also very beautiful… flip flit float fallfatal end now stayedpicked purposefullyas art hand propelsto wild expanse beyond arranged then mystic shapegraciousContinue reading “Fallen Leaves ~ Fr. T”

The Impeccable One

Tiana Alicia Rodrigues You were ahead of your time,In your humble way,You accepted God’s will,Over your own fears. Did you think of society?Were you worried what if?Did it hurt to let go?Your journey has me in awe. A woman of substance,A lady with a heart of courage,A mother with unconditional love,A model to every generation.Continue reading “The Impeccable One”