Choices & Consequences

We are constantly making choices, voluntarily or involuntarily. Most of us sometimes are not even aware of half the choices we make on a daily basis. Here are some of the choices we make

  • We can choose if we’ll reflect our environment, or if we affect our environment.
  • We can choose to be happy, or not.
  • We can choose how we react to hard times in our life, with positivity or negativity.
  • We can choose to take responsibility for our actions, or blame others for our failures.
  • We can choose to be a victor or take on the role of a victim.

One thing that most of us don’t pay attention to is how we let others change the way we behave and act. Just because others say or do things doesn’t mean we need to be the same or even choose to respond or react in the way they do. As my loving mother used to say “At the pearly gates, God isn’t going to ask you about what others said or did to you, but what you’ve done and said!”

There are some things that we can control in life, and that’s how we react and communicate. When it comes to others, we cannot control what they do, but we can control how we respond.

By practicing self-love, reflective, acceptance, and gratitude, we can work towards feeling confident and taking responsibility for our own life and relationships.

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