Boss vs Leader

Every time I think of what it means to be a leader, the story of George Washington comes to mind

One day during the American Revolutionary War, George Washington rode up to a group of soldiers trying to raise a beam to a high position. The corporal who was overseeing the work kept shouting words of encouragement, but they couldn’t manage to do it. After watching their lack of success, Washington asked the corporal why he didn’t join in and help. The corporal replied quickly, “Do you realize that I am the corporal?” Washington very politely replied, “I beg your pardon, Mr. Corporal, I did.” Washington dismounted his horse and went to work with the soldiers until the beam was put into place. Wiping the perspiration from his face, he said, “If you should need help again, call on Washington, your commander in chief, and I will come.”

Like me, I am sure you too have role models who walk the talk. We have plenty of examples from Gandhi to Mandela. One modern day role model that comes to mind is Virat Kohli. He has stopped endorsing Pepsi and fairness creams because of their association with junk food and racism.

Here is a lovely infographic to check where you stand 🙂

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