Ride the Wave

The ocean has so much to teach us! I grew up in Goa and we used to visit the beach often for a swim. We’ve had waves that are big, sometimes they are small, and sometimes they are almost imperceptible. The water’s waves are churned up by the winds, which come and go and vary in direction and intensity. Some of you, like me, have had huge waves crashing right over you and you know what comes next! Nothing you do will stop the wave from going over you. You’d agree with me that it’s sheer stupidity to fight off a wave!

And yet, this is something we all do in our daily lives!

Instead of accepting what is here at the moment, we constantly try to fight reality. We wish things could be different or better or easier or more secure. And foolishly, we remain stubborn and attempt to fight off the waves.

We can’t stop the waves of life from crashing down, but we CAN learn to surf. We can learn to ride the highs and the lows knowing that with each new wave comes a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We can’t stop problems from coming – they will come. Even the most detailed and thorough ten-year plan can be waylaid. There are so many things you can’t fully control: health and relationships being two big ones, but also things like redundancies or unexpected job changes. 

You can choose to stop, and breathe, and go with it. It doesn’t lessen the pain of the wave when it hits, but it might just lead you into something better in the end. 

Try to be patient and see where a situation might take you – life is full of surprises, and the thing that seems terrible right now might bring you some kind of joy or peace in the end.

Here is a lovely song Ride the Wave by Boyce Avenue

The tides will rise and fall, some days you will feel small
But ride the wave, I’ll ride it in with you
If we should wash ashore, I’ll fight for you once more
Just ride the wave, I’ll ride it in with you
I’ll ride it in with you, I’ll ride the wave with you

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