Less Talk, More Action

We all know that it is easier to talk about something rather than it is to actually get something done. And why is that? Probably because making a point is easier for many reasons

  1. We can do it from the comfort of our couch
  2. Social media has made it so easy to air our views
  3. You don’t have to get your hands dirty

Here are some key differences between making a point and making a difference:

  • Making a Point can take minutes. Making a Difference can take months, if not years.
  • Making a Point brings you all the attention. Making a Difference demands all of your attention
  • Making a Point changes views sometimes. Making a Difference changes lives ALWAYS

When all is said and done, making a point doesn’t take much and doesn’t cost much. The common phrase holds true: talk is cheap. This doesn’t mean that there is no space or value in communicating what one believes. What it does mean is that simply making a point should never be the end game. Making a difference should always be it.

We need to run away from being keyboard warriors, armchair critics, and sidewalk saints who love the ideas of change but never want to act to effect the change. Next time you’re scrolling through your social media and you see something that triggers that instinct, respond with a rebuttal pause and ask yourself,

“What can I do besides just making a point that will ultimately make a difference?”

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