Silver Linings

It’s been a long time since we’ve been working from home. All of us have had a lot of challenges during this pandemic, struggled to adjust with this massive change. Being cooped up at home has definitely been driving most of us insane. We’ve tried to keep our spirits up and deal with this crazy situation in our own way. It’s but natural for us to be grumpy and negative.

And I was in one of those moods, scrolling through LinkedIn when this post popped up on my feed. And it touched me. Even though I may be working from home, I should be grateful that I have my job and more importantly a roof over my head.

Here are a few numbers that made me feel grateful for where I am today:

  • Over 10 million or 1 crore people lost their jobs because of the second wave of coronavirus alone
  • 97% of household’s incomes have declined since the beginning of the pandemic last year
  • Informal workers in India suffered a 22.6% fall in wages, formal sector employees had their salaries cut by 3.6%

If you are reading this today, then join me in counting your blessings, looking for the silver linings and staying positive! 🙂

Here’s a lovely rendition of Count Your Blessings to kickstart your day! 🙂

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