We are all wired to be empathetic, loving, compassionate and kind. However there is this strange belief in our world that in order to get ahead we need to step on the person below us and use him or her as a step toward getting where we want? We see it all the time.

But what if instead of pushing others down to get ahead, we reached down and pulled our fellow humans up? What if instead of stepping on their necks, we acknowledge we are standing on their shoulders and we, in turn, did the same for others? What if by lifting others, we are rising ourselves?

I changed jobs in the beginning of June and I was overwhelmed by the wishes and encouragement from so many friends and connections. At the same time, there were a few who were silent. And I wondered to myself why would you not be happy for someone who is moving onto a new challenge, a new opportunity.

The last few years has taught me the importance of surrounding myself with people who support my dreams, encourage and cheer for me and more importantly who believe in me. And I am grateful for these people in my life. And along with that, ensuring that I do the same for them.

Another key area is with knowledge sharing. I came across this on Quora

One of my friends told me that “I don’t want to share my knowledge with someone else, because I earned it myself, and I worked so hard for it. So, why should I share with someone else for his/her development? If I teach someone, then he/she will apply the knowledge to his/her business, and our value will decrease, or our business will lose its competitive edge.” I don’t think it works that way. My perception is if I teach someone, then I can learn it better than before. I think sharing knowledge is great. But is it profitable, too?

Again, there are a lot of benefits to sharing what you know. I love this quote that I came across

What might you do to lift another person up this week, and in doing so, rise yourself? Who can you encourage? Who can you offer a word of comfort or make a practical offer to do something?

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