Be a Rhino

We all have dealt with procrastination at some point in our life, all too familiar with that feeling of knowing you need to get something done but somehow not being able to do it. It may be something important that pressurises you into completing it at the last minute or many a times we don’t get to finishing it. When we procrastinate, we squander away our free time and put off important tasks we should be doing until it’s too late. And when it is indeed too late, we panic and wish we got started earlier.

In his book “Rhinoceros Success”, Scott Alexander outlines the differences between being a cow and being a rhino. According to him we are one or the other. Our society encourages us to be cows, but if you really want to stand out and have a life of success you need to become a rhino! This book challenges me to get out of my comfort zone, and charge down the goals I have and the opportunities that I am presented with.

5 Characteristics of Living Like a Rhinoceros

  1. Rhinos Charge Early. Rhinos don’t sleep in late, or hit the snooze button. They jump out of bed when their “opportunity clock” sounds and charge into their day with excitement.
  2. Rhinos Charge Massively After One Thing. Rhinos know the importance of changing, it is what they were made for. And how do they charge? Massively! They charge down the big goals and opportunities. They also make sure that they are only charging down one opportunity at a time. You can’t effectively charge in 2 directions. They pick one and charge at it with everything they have, then they move on to the next.
  3. Rhinos Believe in Themselves. Rhinos believe that success is theirs for the taking. They expect success, and therefore they create success.
  4. Rhinos Put Themselves Through Training. To achieve rhinoceros levels of success you have to be prepared for it. Mentally and physically. Rhinos read good books, surround themselves with good people, get enough sleep, eat good foods, and workout.
  5. Rhinos Plan For Success. Rhinos have goals. And more importantly they create plans for achieving those goals. Once they have a plan in place they charge down everything on that plan.
  6. Rhinos Are Audacious. What is there to be afraid of as a six thousand pound animal with a horn on the front of your head? Nothing! Rhinos are daring, adventurous, and bold. They believe in the saying “go for it!”
  7. Rhinos Never Give Up. No matter how tough the journey is, Rhinos keep charging. They may slip and fall, but they will get back up and charge even harder. Nothing will stop them from charging down their opportunity.
  8. Rhinos Like But Don’t Love Money. Money is great and rhinos will chase down as much of it as they can. However, rhinos don’t love money. They approach gathering money as a hobby, rather than a job. They are also very generous with their money. But every rhino knows that to be successful with money they must pay themselves first.
  9. Rhinos Balance Work and Family. Many even try to combine the two by involving their family in their work. After all, a rhino doesn’t do work that is boring, rhinos do work that is more like a hobby. They understand that you need to love what you do to be successful. There is no better way to love the work that you do than by involving those that you love in your work!
  10. Rhinos Embrace Problems. In fact rhinos love problems. Problems are a sign that you are making progress. If you don’t have any problems it means that you are not taking any action on your goals.

What do you think? Can you picture yourself as a six thousand pound rhino? You have to choose if you want to be a rhinoceros, or a cow. You can’t waffle back and forth. Make the decision today!

Decide today to become a rhino, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon: Rhinoceros Success: The Secret to Charging Full Speed Toward Every Opportunity

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