God Knoweth Best

When softly falls the dew at eventide,
Then, tired, we lay ourselves away to rest;
Confiding: in the One who knoweth best,
We trust in him and nothing- else beside.

What if dark demons oft attack our soul,
And friends forsake, and parents look with scorn?
We’ll trust in God; he’ll keep from every harm.
We’ll live for him while endless ages roll.

What if misfortune comes? It comes to all;
Look ye on him who died upon a tree;
Acquaint thyself with One who mourned for thee,
And trust in him whate’er thy life befall.

Some day we’ll reach that land of peace and rest,
Behold our loved ones who have gone before,
Enjoy the beauties of that clime forevermore,
Because we trusted him who knoweth best.

J. Grant Anderson

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