Lenten Poem

Christmas is over and it’s Lent all over again,
Should I eat a meat sandwich or should it be plain?
Should I fast for 5 hours or skip breakfast and lunch,
Or just have tea and a little something to munch?

Should I stop smoking or should I shun drink,
Should I stop thinking those wrong thoughts I always think?
Should I be patient with the one driving in front of me,
Should I give a mouthful to my colleague or just let him be?

This, my friends, is what we’ve made Lent out to be,
A set of bargaining chips, to be paid as salvation fee!
It is just a reminder for you and for me,
The price has been paid, by the One on the tree!

Let’s make use of this time given to us for no fee,
To reconcile with the world and the One who set us free.
Because no chicken or chocolate can ever pay the price
That has already been paid by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Just repent.….


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