Everyone’s Losing Something ~ Odette Katrak

Everyone’s losing something
What did you lose today?
Our routines have all gone haywire
Taking our comforts away.

Did you lose the privilege of a driver
Whom the lockdown forced to stay home?
Or were forced to cook your own dinner
Pushing you out of your comfort zone?

Are you sad that you lost a holiday
That you had booked so much in advance?
Caught with the seeming unfairness
Of this unfortunate circumstance.

Or did you lose a golden opportunity
To have the biggest wedding you’d planned?
But just ended up with a small one
No big crowds, and no live band.

Everyone’s losing something
A privilege, an opportunity, a chance,
But lucky are they who lose just these
Minor hiccups to otherwise smooth plans.

There’s the unlucky one who lost a job
And another who lost his mind,
The stress of this pandemic scenario
Has turned out to be brutally unkind.

Someone lost more than a privilege
A brother-in-law, an uncle, a friend,
It’s going downhill far too quickly
Can’t wait for this nightmare to end.

So if you missed your maid this morning
Or your favourite TV soap,
Remember the little girl missing a dad
But just doesn’t know how to cope.

Extra chores may push you to exhaustion
Or just make you miss that beauty sleep,
Think of the man who lost his wife
But his baby gives him no time to weep.

Each one is going through this nightmare
In varying degrees of dread,
For some it’s a minor adjustment
For others, a permanent void instead.

Everyone’s losing something or someone
Many are finding it difficult to cope,
But whatever you lose as you travel on
Make sure to never lose hope.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel
A definite rainbow after the storm,
Your losses will strengthen your inner core
And you’ll learn to cope as you move on.

Remember if you just lost a privilege
Someone else lost a very dear friend,
So ignore that insignificant inconvenience
Think of what really matters in the end.

There are people dying all around us
No beds, just gasping for breath,
Our convenience doesn’t matter as much
As collective onus to prevent each death.

Everyone’s losing something or someone
Let’s remember we’re all part of a whole,
One person’s action can hasten the spread
Let’s choose right and hang on to hope.

Everyone’s losing something or someone
We’ve all got to play our part,
And hang on to hope as we journey on
Bruised, broken but never losing ❤️💜❤️

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