Self Care

We live in a society that often celebrates the idea of pushing through and “soldiering on” whatever the situation may be. While pushing ourselves can be good for us, it’s important to be aware of our personal limitations.

Too often, we spend more energy than what we take in. Now this energy I refer to is both physical and emotional energy. In simple mathematics, if we spend more than we take in, there is bound to be problems down the line.

At times, we are aware that we don’t have enough reserves to pull through the day. Our mindset usually is “let me get through the day and then deal with this..”. This goes on day after day till at one point we realise that our glass is empty!

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a series of small events that snowball into a crisis.

It’s a paradox that I took some time to understand and accept. The busier you are, the more me time you need for yourself. With a packed schedule you may say that you do not have time for yourself. But at the same time it’s important that you make time for yourself.

Self care is the conscious effort of making time for activities you find beneficial towards filling your cup. Caring for your mind and body doesn’t have to be time consuming. While eating and drinking well, getting enough sleep, living a healthy active lifestyle are some ways we can care for our body, we should not forget relaxation, mindfulness, social connections, hobbies needed for the mind.

If you keep putting others first, you’ll soon find that you have nothing to give them. Looking after yourself is the best gift you can give others. Fill your cup daily so that you have enough to offer your loved ones and friends!

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