When I read this quote, the first thing that came to my mind is all the stories of how people have gone out of their way in being kind to those in need at the height of the second wave of covid. Being kind, no matter the situation, is not always easy. Here are a few thoughts on kindness – how to give it and how to receive it.

Kindness starts with being kind to yourself

We all have crazy schedules, meetings, family, friends..the list goes on. Amidst all we do if we don’t make time for ourselves, we are bound to loose our cool at the drop of a hat with people we encounter. Hence self-care is essential to being kind. We will end up treating our friends and family better only when we have taken care of ourselves.

Also being gentle with yourself when you do make a mistake. We need to keep in mind that mistakes do not define you, they refine you


Everyone has their own set of challenges, difficulties, most of which is unknown to you. Wouldn’t we be more understanding and kind if we knew why someone was grumpy, curt or rude? Trying to be compassionate, put a positive interpretation will not help us but also help them.

We could try keeping our mouth shut instead of escalating the situation. Or find some time in private to discuss the same with them instead of thrashing it out in public with everyone around.

Kindness is lasting

I still remember an incident at primary school with my first standard class teacher Mrs. Maria. I had forgotten my subject notebook and I was so scared that my teacher would punish me. Instead she gently told me to get the book tomorrow. When I got the notebook the next day, she made the whole class clap for me for remembering to get my book. 30 years later, I still remember this simple act.

Who do you remember most? And how do you want to be remembered?

Choose to be kind over being right and you’ll be right every time because kindness is a sign of STRENGTH.

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