Apart from being an important organ in the body, the heart is also the essence of our spiritual and emotional being. We feel our heart flutter when in love and heartbroken when rejected or hurt by the ones we love. We “take things to heart”, “talk heart-to-heart” about deeply personal issues. We can love from the “bottom of our heart” and also “be half-hearted” about things that don’t interest us.

Our heart is so much more than the wide range of feelings and emotions. Ed and Deb Shapiro describe the heart as the king, with the mind as the king’s adviser. When faced with a decision, the king may ask his advisers for advice, may even send him out into the world to gather information, but ultimately it is the king that makes the final decision. Even though the advisers do not always agree with the king’s decision, the king is invariably right, because the king’s view not only sees the bigger picture but is also aware of the needs of others.

In the same way, when faced with a decision or conflict, your mind may come up with numerous, different and quite logical reasons why you should act as it advises, but if you listen to and trust your heart—however illogical or irrational it may seem—it is usually right and you are happier as a result.

Being in tune with your heart, your inner voice, is not always easy. With constant noise, controversy and chaos all around us, some struggle more than others to listen to our heart. Listen and Silent have the same letters! We need to be silent to hear that quiet inner voice that whispers what your heart desires.

A good heart is better than all the heads in the world

Robert Bulwer-Lytton

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