Are you a good listener?

Think of the last time you truly felt heard, a time where your thoughts and feelings weren’t skimmed over or ignored. The act of speaking actually makes you feel lighter. You don’t feel judged. You feel empowered. Not everyone lets you feel that way. Sometimes listening seems to be a special skill, maybe reserved onlyContinue reading “Are you a good listener?”

Listen to Learn

Ever been in a conversation where you felt like the person you were talking to wasn’t listening to a word you said because they were too busy trying to convince you of their opinion? We’ve all been in such situations. It’s a common phenomenon. So much so that there’s likely been times that you’ve leftContinue reading “Listen to Learn”

Listen to Understand

Listening to reply is the standard way that most people communicate. What that means is that instead of really paying attention to what the other person is saying, you are already thinking about what you want to say in response. Of course it’s great to have a well-thought-out reply, but if you’re thinking about what you wantContinue reading “Listen to Understand”