Gifts, Talents

The first time I saw this quote on Pinterest, it was attributed to William Shakespeare. It didn’t seem like the thing he would have said. I looked up online and saw that the quote is often attributed to Shakespeare and Pablo Picasso. Although there is no evidence linking either of them to those words, other than a couple of enterprising Etsy shops! 🙂

There is much evidence that this words came from David Viscott, a psychiatrist and professor at UCLA. Here is the full quote

The purpose of life is to discover your gift
The work of life is to develop it
And the meaning of life is to give your gift away

David Viscott

We’ve all been blessed with amazing gifts and once we discover and develop our gifts, nothing compares to the joy and satisfaction you feel deep down in your heart by sharing your gifts with all around you.

Here is a lovely poem by Desley Finedon

God fashioned all your parts
before you were even born.
He wants you as you are;
for His purpose you were formed.

He made you in His likeness,
unlike the beasts and creatures.
He’s given you gifts and talents;
you are special in your features.

So discover all your talents;
work hard, try lots of things.
Watch for what you’re good at;
these are the gifts God brings.

It may be violin, guitar,
singing or in art,
writing stories, maths,
history, good at facts;
determined, a leader, kind,
thinker, user of your mind,
organiser, helper,
encourager of others.
Or is it sport, a ball or bat,
God has made you strong and good at?
Whatever kind of hat,
develop fully that.

But He gave you gifts to honour Him,
not puff you up or think you’re smart.
Nor should you covet someone else’s gifts
and hide your own: this hurts your heart.

To do your best is how He wants you.
This is the way to be fulfilled.
Do not complain you would be different;
this robs of joy and twists your skills.

God made you very special.
Thank Him for how you are.
Ask Him to use you to bless others
and you will shine just like a star.

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