Tied to Technology

When I saw this picture on Facebook, I was immediately transported to the days when we got our first landline at home. We were in awe of such a magical device. How times have changed and what a different world we live in. Our phones have become so powerful and we’ve become completely dependent on them. And the sad part is that our behavior, our dependence, regardless of its consequences, has become acceptable, common, and normal. In a sense, we are normalizing a dependence.

Here is a lovely poem I came across

Technology Slaves
Jamie Jarrett

Why do we all prefer to stare 
At a 42 inch flat screen glare 
Manipulating our thoughts
Stealing our mind
Subliminally corrupting 
The whole of mankind

Checking our phones
100 times a day
Leading our consciousness
Miles astray 
Technology’s surpassing 
Our human interaction 
Perfectly designed 
To cause a distraction 

Can we not see 
We’re being restricted
Gradually all 
Becoming addicted
We need to slow down 
Or we’ll all be convicted 
Of being exactly 
What Einstein predicted

Einstein’s supposed quote ” I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction, the world will have a generation of idiots”. I say supposed quote as there is no record of Einstein ever saying or writing anything close to those words, despite his papers and quotations being well-documented in several databases and works!

Regardless of who said it, the words do make a lot of sense. Technology has made life easier, safer, longer, and more enjoyable in numerous ways. The trick is finding a balance for how we use technology. Technology should be used as a way to complement our lives, not as a way to run our lives!

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