The 90% rule that puts you 100% in control

We spend a lot of our time reacting and responding to people and situations around us. And often, we react/respond without thinking. It is an instinctive reaction, spontaneous, a gut reaction, based on fear and insecurities, and it’s not the most rational or appropriate way to act.

I admire those who are cool and calm, very disciplined, no matter what situation they are in. It’s easy to get mad or angry at people — it’s another thing altogether to remain calm and composed when someone pushes your buttons.

I’m slowly learning that reacting to things that upset you gives someone else power over your emotions. You can’t control what others do but you can control how you respond, how you handle it, how you perceive it and how much of it you want to take personally. And most of the time, these situations say nothing about you and a lot about the other person.

Sometimes it’s better to just let things be, let people go, don’t fight for closure, don’t ask for explanations, don’t chase answers and don’t expect people to understand where you’re coming from.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it

Charles R. Swindoll

Here’s Maria Forleo talking about the 90% rule that puts you 100% in control

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