Look forward

Have you seen the movie “Up”? It is a story is based on a man who can’t let go of his past. For most of the movie, Carl Frederickson clings to his past with his wife who had recently passed away. He is obssessed with taking Ellie, his wife, to Paradise falls, their dream destination. Ultimately Carl realises that he can’t get Ellie back and that it is time to move on and look ahead to a future that holds new possibilities.

We all have something in our past that is very difficult to let go of. It could be past relationships, mistakes. Yes, it is important to learn from the past, learn from our mistakes. Also equally important is to accept what has happened, be grateful for all the experiences we’ve had in the past, the good as well as the not so good. Each experience has taught us something, each experience has helped us grow. And where necessary, forgive yourself for some of the bad choices you’ve made. It’s ok, we all make mistakes.

We can shape our future, we have control over our choices, our actions. If we get caught up in our past, we will miss out on our present, the opportunities at hand. Your best days are ahead of you.

There’s this beautiful analogy of the car where we have both, the windshield as well as a rearview mirror. The windshield helps you to see what is ahead of you and the rearview mirror helps you to see what’s behind you. When we want to move ahead, we focus on the road ahead by looking through the windshield, and if we do need to reverse, then we keep our focus on the rearview mirror. What would happen if we keep our focus on the rearview mirror while driving ahead? Absolute recipe for disaster right?

Here’s a lovely poem by Lenora McWhorter

Look not back on yesterday
or what you have left behind.
For only today is yours to claim, 
and this moment only is your time.

Fret not on what has been
or on what has passed you by.
Yesterday is far behind you.
You can’t change it if you try.

New opportunities await you.
They come with each new day,
so look ahead with faith and hope,
and blessings will come your way.

Keep faith alive in your heart.
Live full and live well each day.
Do all the good for all you can
to all those who pass your way.

Yesterday is out of your reach
and tomorrow is not yours to claim.
Only this moment belongs to you.
So use it wisely, in heaven’s name.

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