Being Wise, Being Smart

The difference between being smart and being wise might just sound like a question of semantics, but really there’s much more to it than that! Smart people focus absorbing as much knowledge as possible and showing the world that they’re cleverer than average, whereas wise people also find knowledge within and aren’t so focussed on showing it off. Of course, a smart person can become a wise person if they’re willing to make a few changes and put in some effort. I came across these eight graphics on Lifehack which show the major differences between being wise and being smart. Take a look and see for yourself!

1. Sensitivity
2. Satisfaction levels
3. Processing information
4. Opinions
5. Solving Problems
6. Dealing with differences
7. Understanding, Absorbing Information
8. Self Awareness

The ideal plan is to work on being wise and smart. Allow your thinking to be challenged in order to get sharper. Apply what you learn in order to turn your knowledge into wisdom. If you know but do not do, you’re considered someone smart. If you learn and apply that knowledge, even though you may make mistakes, you’re working toward becoming wise. And by doing so, you will notice a difference in the way you handle people, overcome challenges, resolve issues, manage money, and increase your value in your occupation.

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