Plant a Seed

There are so many things we want our near and dear ones to understand, change. For example, a parent trying to help their wayward teenage child, a teacher attempting to help her class understand a concept, a friend trying to gently admonish a struggling colleague, a manager trying to get the best out of his/her team.

In every sphere of our lives — personal and professional — situations arise in which we wish to influence other people and make them understand something that we believe to be important, something that we are sure will help them.

But no matter how hard we try, we cannot force people to comprehend and accept what we’re telling them. No matter how much we’d like to, we cannot force them to understand. We cannot force them to change. We cannot force them to grow. 

Even so, we can plant seeds. We can do our best to communicate the message firmly but kindly—planting that seed of thought. And then do our best to nurture that seed, patiently waiting and hoping for growth. While there’s no guarantee of a seed we plant ever sprouting and growing, there’s absolutely no chance of a harvest if the seed is never planted! 

So plant those seeds. We need more people planting positive seeds wherever they are and wherever they go. Keep it up, and a harvest inevitably will come!

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