Your Inner Voice

Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, everyone has an inner voice that guides them in their day to day lives. Most of us can easily recall a situation in which an inner voice, perhaps considered a conscience or merely a fleeting thought, gave us sound advice that we knew was the right option. Time and time again, gridlocked decision-making processes have only been concluded after someone listened to their gut. Isn’t it time we start listening to our inner voice more?

We’re all similar in one way; no matter how tough we act or what wrongs we commit, we all always have a nagging inner voice at the back of our head that appears whenever we’re facing a moral dilemma. From early childhood to the end of our lives, we encounter situations of moral turpitude where we’re forced to make a decision for the good or bad of ourselves or someone else. During times like these, it can be easy to try and tune out your inner voice and make what you believe to be a purely rational decision arrived at through thinking, but as a matter of fact listening to your inner voice is imperative to making the right choice in your daily life.

Amidst all clamour 
stay calm, stay quiet. 
Only then will you hear 
your inner voice. 

Let your heart lead 
and your mind follow 
the dictates of 
your inner voice. 

Your inner voice – 
the captain of your ship 
and your guiding light 
that shields you from all evil thoughts. 

Whenever in a dilemma, 
seek advice and heed to suggestions. 
But never ever ignore 
your own inner voice. 

Your inner voice – 
your greatest strength 
Even when the whole world turns against you 
It remains your best friend. 

Gita Ashok

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