Stuck Somewhere You Don’t Belong?

There is nothing more painful than staying stuck somewhere you do not belong.

It could be in a job, relationship, or marriage. Feeling stuck is a place where goals and dreams get lost, careers and relationships are exhaustive, self-care is neglected, and you know you need a change but cannot figure out where to begin.

Despite your age, race, and personal achievements you will experience stuck-ness at some point in your life. Even when you plan your life with intention, life has a way of throwing curve balls that could leave you feeling stuck in a rut, watching others passing you by.

Most People Settle in Stuck-ness due to:

  • Endless Disappointments – You experience constant disappointments in your daily life. You are tired of being tired!
  • Breakdown of Relationships – When there is a lack of trust and confidence in your work and personal relationships.
  • Lack of Accountability – Constantly making excuses and blaming others and circumstances instead of taking responsibility for decisions and actions.
  • Lack of Purpose – When you are not able to align your purpose with your momentum. 

It Is Time To A.C.T

Acknowledge the need for change- Acknowledge where you are, your feelings, mistakes and make a decision to move forward. Oprah knows this well, she said, “For years I was stuck in a weight trap, yo-yoing up and down the scale. I made a decision two years ago to stop wishing, praying, and wanting, wanting, wanting to be better. Instead, I figured out what it would take to improve my life. Then I decided to do it.”

Clarify your visions- You cannot do anything until clarity comes. This is when you stop trying to control everything and stand still so you can hear your voice, instead of the voices of the world.

Take the time to do the work- When we feel stuck, we want to fix things immediately so we can get back on track. However, it is a process, and you will need some help. Don’t be ashamed to talk to a friend or an expert. Remember, even Oprah and Richard Branson needed help to build their empire. So take the time and seek the support you need to get unstuck. 

The good news is with a clear vision, passionate belief, and the willingness to give it everything you got, your relationship and career will no longer be a chore. They will become the joy you look forward to each day.

Create an action plan with S.M.A.R.T goals

  • Specific– What you want to accomplish; where it is located; when it will happen; and why you are doing it- the purpose or benefits.
  • Measurable– How you will know your goal is accomplished
  • Attainable– Steps on how you will attain your goals
  • Realistic– Be realistic about the goal you are working towards
  • Timely – A time frame, for accountability

You have done the work, which is great, but you are not in the clear. Your inner critic will find the PERFECT reasons why you don’t need to change.

  • Pride – I am perfectly fine, they are the problem, not me
  • Ego – My version of what is going on is right
  • Resentment – I am this way because of…
  • Fear – Who do you think you are? No one wants to hear what you think
  • Emotions – This is how I feel, and that is it
  • Concern – I cannot move on. What if?
  • Trust– Listen to me, don’t rock the boat, you are safe right where you are

Life is too short to remain stuck in the same place, especially when that place doesn’t feed your soul. Today, make the choice to do whatever it takes to get unstuck. Because “If we stay where we are, where we’re stuck, where we’re comfortable and safe, we die there.” ~ Anne Lamott.

One thought on “Stuck Somewhere You Don’t Belong?

  1. Oh yeah, sometimes we really do need to take the action of admitting we’re not where we want to be, then actually doing something to make things better. Thanks for this awesome reminder, and for the good tips!


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