Your Mind is like Water

When water is ‘still’, it has a natural ability to let go of all the dissolved sediments. With time the sediments settle at the bottom making the water pure and clear. 

But if the water is stirred again, the sediments re-mix with the water making it muddier once again.

This is exactly what happens with your mind as well.

When your mind is agitated, it gets filled with thoughts and in all that chaos, it becomes difficult to think clearly. You become confused. But just like water, your mind has the ability to let go of thoughts and become calmer when in a state of stillness or presence.

Understanding anger

Anger is an influx of angry thoughts in your mind along with an associated emotion in your body. 

The emotion of anger drives more thoughts and the thoughts in turn strengthen the emotion thus creating an endless cycle.

The fuel that keeps this cycle going is your unconscious attention. The more unconscious attention you pay to your thoughts, the more powerful these thoughts become and so becomes the associated emotion. 

There comes a time when all that emotional energy in your body will prompt you to take action as this energy needs to be dispersed. But most action taken in this state will be destructive in nature because your mind is clouded with thoughts and is in a state of confusion. This is exactly similar to being under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. This is why we usually regret the actions we take under the influence of anger.

Therefore, the wise way is to wait out the anger, allowing it to calm down. Anger subsides with time and when you no longer fuel your anger by paying unconscious attention to angry thoughts.

The solution is allow your thoughts to settle down

The solution is to allow your thoughts to settle down. 

A simple way to achieve this is to no longer focus on the thoughts, but to shift your attention to something neutral, like your breath. You can go into nature, listen to the birds, become conscious of your sense perceptions, or even become mindful of your thoughts. By removing unconscious attention from your thoughts, you allow your thoughts to settle down. Soon you will feel calmer and clarity will return.

When your mind becomes calmer, thoughts being to settle down and you begin to think clearly and hence attracting the right answers.

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