The Courage to Keep Going

Most of us have this notion that success is the ultimate.  It is not a final destination to reach, it just an achievement to be counted on in your life’s journey. Success or failure is never an end to anything, it’s just a start; similarly comparison with others is not going to help us in anyway.

The way life is interpreted is different from person to person that is why it is said- “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Even if you do achieve our goal, you can keep striving for more. And though failure may seem like the flip side of success, it definitely helps you learn and improve from what went wrong.

Learning through mistakes is the key, it is important the one should be capable to learn from others mistakes too. Being able to look around and just taking the good things from others is nothing but a positive thing.

Whether it’s success or failure that is waiting for you at the end of each day or task or gaol, it should not be a show stopper; you should keep putting effort to get things to the next level.

Failure is never the worst thing; the worst thing is when you give up your desire and ambition due to failure. Nothing is impossible to overcome if you have the perseverance towards your goal.

Irrespective of what the goal is, make sure you have positivity around you, the people you mingle with, the books you read, the things you do matters a lot.

Every failure has a reason; similarly every problem has a solution. It is left up to you to think through and beyond the problem to find a solution. Most of the times solution for a problem will be in the question itself.

It is important to stay focused and not have lack of foresight, lack of execution, lack of preparation. Never see failure as an obstacle, it is just like a dirt in your eye, wash it away and keep moving forward.

It is essential to think failure as just an outcome or result of the experiment; it is not the end. Be capable to invest your time in understanding what went wrong instead of crying over the spilt milk.

If for success persistence is crucial, to overcome failure, courage is a need. It is good to go through multiple experiments to get the final result, this helps in understanding what the effect will be if something goes wrong.

To be an expert, failure is one of the best learning tools. The things you can learn through failure can never be thought by success.

Put all your efforts in doing what you love, so every time you feel like giving up, just think what made you to hold on all this while.

It is essential to think at all times: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

I am across this lovely piece by Tameka Carter which I am reminded of whilst I write this post:

The storms of life will come.
The winds and the waves will take you and spin you out of control.
The rain will fall hard on you.
Every drop will feel like rocks being thrown at you and there is no relief.
But no matter what, keep going.

It’s dark and cold.
Every step you take is as scary as the next one because you can’t see.
Vision is blurry; there’s no light to make your path clear.
In fact, it gets darker and darker with each ounce of courage to take another step,
But please keep going.

You scream out but can anyone hear you?
Can anyone see the pain, the agony, the turmoil you are in?
The louder you cry out the fainter your voice becomes.
Why am I here? Why do I exist? Is there a plan for my life?
The questions continue to come, but there is no answer.
You must keep going.

You are playing tug of war with a giant, and you always lose.
With each muster of strength and each bead of sweat that falls from your brow the rope is slowly slipping from your hands.
You fall on the ground in defeat each and every time.

Nevertheless, don’t give up, keep going.

“I know the plans I have for you” say’s the Lord.
A still small voice settles you and says, “trust me, I am with you.”

The raging waves settle into a calm body of water.
The darkness that blinded you is now fading as you see a twinkle of light further down the road.
The rain that poured heavily on you is gone and the sun begins to shine again.
The giant that once bullied you runs in fear because it can’t stand in the face of your faith. 
Keep speaking, keep sharing, keep believing
and keep loving because your voice is heard.

The path to destiny is a dangerous one; if you give up.

Greatness is inside of you.
Joy lies ahead of you.
Love will surround you.
Success will chase you down!


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