Unfold your Infinite Potential

It really comes down to a question of why do we believe that we are here. Why do we wake up in the morning just to go to bed to then get up again? What is the purpose?

This is where the question of a spiritual life vs a simply physical life arises. Are we here to experience great things? Or are we just to be born, fulfill tasks, “get through the days” and then die?

The greatest human temptation is to settle for too little

Thomas Merton

The Solely Physical Path

When we believe that we are simply our physical lives, we end up doing what Thomas Merton says — we settle for too little.

Maybe we are in a relationship that is “okay” or “fine” or even really terrible — we believe that this is our lot. This is all we can have and that on some level, we have no choice in the matter.

If we are in a job that we aren’t excited about or that we even hate, on some level, we believe that we must stay there — there are bills to pay, mortgage to pay, car payments. We assume that all of these are unchangeable and therefore we are slaves to our work — and so nothing else is possible.

If we wake up every morning sad, depressed, or stressed out, we very likely are focusing on our circumstances, our past, and the belief that we have no choice in our life… all we can do is just survive.

Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of the stars.

Serbian proverb

Human beings have been described as having two aspects blended together — limited physicality and infinite energy. The ancient Chinese symbol for “human” is literally the two characters “heaven” and “earth” combined. Einstein’s famous equation: e=mc² shows us that ‘energy=matter times the speed of light squared’.

We are both infinite energy and physical matter — even according to Einstein.

The important thing to consider is that energy is infinite. The energetic aspect of who we are is part of an infinite field of energy that we are always drawing from and giving back to. This is the same unified field that both quantum physicists and ancient yogis have been fascinated by and playing with for centuries.

How Does This Change My Life?

Let’s imagine that our physical lives are like a car. It has a particular look, size, and capacity. It is limited as to what it can be and what it can do. This is the same as the incarnation that we are living out right now. We were born in a particular family, country, gender, time, and with particular purpose to play out, etc.

If we are to believe that we are truly limited beings in all senses, then we would believe that we can only drive our car down certain roads… that where it can go is predetermined which causes it to be practically self-driving most of the time.

But this isn’t true. We have infinite choice. This is what makes all of the difference.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean having some esoteric belief system that is “out there” and doesn’t apply to our lives. Being spiritual means that right here in our lives we believe in infinite possibilities and that we are here to make choices within that infinite space.

How Do You Choose in Infinity?

This is one of the challenges. Limitations give us a strange kind of comfort. This comfort doesn’t always even feel good or is good for us. But it is often easier to make a choice that we are familiar with than reach into infinity and choose from the vast unknown.

So, we must listen within for the one next choice. We explore our own consciousness to find the voice that speaks our deepest truth. Which choice fills me with hope and happiness? And which choice fills me with dread?

The limitation training that we have received will tell us that we cannot make the choice that fills us with light and love. It will tell us that we are bound to this one option… and we are meant to just survive it. But this is the training of a purely physical world perspective. There is no expansiveness here.

Instead, what if the point of being alive is stretching into that unknown? What if that little voice inside is truly our highest wisdom and is guiding us out of the forest? We know what it feels like to be lost in the forest… to be bound by the “only one choice” perspective. What would it feel like to stretch beyond that and trust the voice within and take a new path?

This is the excitement of our true spiritual journey. It is when we begin to trust something within more than we trust the training we receive from society that everything changes. Our navigation centre shifts from one that just avoids pain, shame, and our fears to listening within and trusting that we are finding our own true path.

This is where the idea of settling for too little becomes a very foreign idea. “Settling” only happens when we believe that have no choices — when we must make the best of what we have.

When we believe in infinite choice, we are always on an adventure. This adventure could show up in our lives by making radically different choices and seeing where we end up. Or the adventure can simply be making different choices as to how we respond to each experience that comes our way.

We are alive today. We are not robots. We are human beings. We have infinite possibilities. We are here to explore those infinite spaces.

What new adventures are possible today?

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