An Upma Story

The Fallacy of Majority Power in Democracy

Upma used to be served everyday in a hostel of 100 inmates. Out of the 100 students, 80 complained and asked to be given different tiffin items every day. But 20 students were happy to eat upma every day.

In order to come to a decision, the warden arranged for voting. Whichever tiffin gets the majority will be served. The 20 students who wanted upma voted promptly. The remaining 80 students voted as per their choice:

18: Masala Dosa
16: Aloo Parota & Dahi
14: Roti & Sabji
12: Bread & Butter
10: Noodles
10: Idli Sambar

So, as per the voting pattern upma was continued. Daily.


When 80% of the population gropes around, divided & scattered,
the united 20% rules us.

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