Reach New Heights

It’s more natural to think that if a plane takes off in the same direction as the wind, the wind will help it gain speed and make the take off easier. Wouldn’t moving against the wind create more resistance? However it turns out that going against the wind allows the plane to lift off a lot quicker.

The airplane has no chance of getting off the ground unless it has some opposition. It’s got to go into the wind to be lifted to the heights of its possibility. We are often faced with the winds of opposition, the winds of adversity. There are two things that could happen

  1. They can send us adrift, send us off the track, take us away from our goals.
  2. They can lift us, life us to a higher ground, to new heights.

An Example

When Beethoven was 26 years old, he started experiencing hearing problems which later became total deafness. Yet, Beethoven went on to compose some of his greatest accomplishments after his hearing loss. He had a strong passion for music, and even though everything seemed to be going against him, he showed tremendous determination to overcome his challenge and fulfill his desire to compose.

Challenges are not the issue; it is our individual response to those challenges. If a challenge is seen as an insurmountable roadblock then that is what it becomes. But, if the challenge is seen in terms of finding a solution, then you are on your way to further your goal.

The air itself tries to drag a plane back as it tries to push through the air and gravity wants to pull it down – but with enough thrust and lift, you can overcome both – apply the same principle to your challenges – let your resolve and your positive attitude act as your thrust, then see how much lift it creates for you.

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