Be Kind, Always!

We come across all kinds of people in our lives. Some of them we like, some of them we don’t. Some of them like us, some of them don’t. That’s perfectly fine. No matter what we think of others, what we assume of others, I believe we must find it in ourselves to be kind to one another. It is definitely not easy, but it is imperative to be kind to all those we encounter.

The theme of not recognizing that people have lives we know nothing about and can’t possibly understand is so present in books, movies, even TV shows and yet, we hardly ever give people the benefit of the doubt and stop to ask ourselves if we’re treating each other right.

We are aware of all the struggles in our own life, and we walk around like they are the only struggles that matter.

Rarely do we ask ourselves if someone else is carrying a heavy load, if we might be able to help them just by being a bit kinder and more approachable.

We might be missing only a one small detail from the person’s life that would make us aware of the whole picture. There are many things that could have happened in someone’s past or could be happening in their current lives that would completely change your view of them if you knew.

Your chubby friend might have struggled with an eating disorder she’s finally cured and then you tell her she should lose weight to look more attractive. Your coworker might have a sick child at home and you constantly discuss how they could be trying harder.

Being kind matters. It brings us closer to others. It brings others closer to us.

It creates a human connection that helps everyone achieve a certain level of trust, love, and empathy.

We see a child in the playground acting aggressively or in a restaurant running around unable to calm down and we think about how the child’s parents aren’t raising them the right way.

It never crosses our minds that the child might have a mental illness that causes them to act a bit differently.

The thing is, we get easily frustrated with things we perceive as other people’s mistakes.

When a loved one or our best friend does something wrong, we know when they are having a bad day or going through something and we, sure enough, easily get past that.

When a stranger or someone we really know nothing about does something ”wrong” we snap almost immediately.

Wouldn’t it be easier, more humane, and even more practical to give them the benefit of the doubt and kindly try to resolve our misunderstanding? It sure would.

Be kind to each other. Put effort into actively thinking about other people and their lives.

Don’t jump to conclusions, don’t judge, and don’t be selfish.

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