Feeding your Soul instead of your Ego

The biggest problem in today’s world is that people spend far too much time feeding their egos and not nearly enough time feeding their souls.

They do this without thinking and without giving any consideration to the damage it does to them as well as the other people in their lives.

The truth is that those who live mostly on ego are the very people who constantly seek happiness but never find it because they are always looking for it in the wrong places.

Happiness can be yours if you fulfill your soul and cast ego to the winds.


Ego has been defined as a person’s sense of self-importance.

Those who view it as their main source of self allow it to overcome their lives and wreak havoc with them.

Usually people who let this happen are those who suffer from a lack of self-esteem. They constantly do things they think will improve their image, but they don’t realize that using ego to this end is only superficial and actually means very little.

Many times this type of behavior makes people think less of them and actually depresses rather than elates them.

Human beings always seek happiness. They treat it as though it is a destination, but that is wrong thinking.

Happiness is something that comes naturally, but only to people whose values allow it to appear.

It isn’t something you can force or buy, but rather something you create by learning how to feed your soul rather than your ego.

Your soul is the heart of your “self”. If you keep it healthy by living your life in worthwhile ways, you’ll find happiness in just about everything you do.

Even if you have been living on ego, you can change, but doing this will not be easy.

The soul has a voracious appetite. It yearns always to be fulfilled and is constantly opening itself to those who are willing to feed it in appropriate ways.

There are many ways to do this. For example, among other things you can:

  • learn to appreciate the wonders nature,
  • be thankful every day for what and who you have in your life,
  • accept yourself as the beautiful creature that you are and
  • eliminate the negatives in your life.

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