What my little girl can teach you

Here is a lovely story that I came across

I was busy reading my favorite magazine and my little girl was playing around me which was disturbing my reading. So, in order to get me some peace, I tried a trick so as to keep her busy for a little while.

I then took a page out from my magazine which had a printed map on it and made some pieces of the map and hand it over to my little girl.

I asked her to go into her room and put the torn pieces together and make a complete map again.

After all my tricks played on my little girl, I was convinced that now, I can have the silence to read the magazine without any distraction and it would take her some time in figuring it out, meanwhile, the whole day will pass.

But within a couple of minutes, she was standing in front of me with a perfect map in her little hands.

I was amazed as well as confused.

So, I asked her how she did it so quickly and easily.

She smiles and looked up to me and said “oh, Dad, There is an actor’s face on the other side of the map. I just tried to make his face completely.”

And she turned and ran outside to play, leaving me surprised.

In life, there is always the other aspect of whatever you face. Whenever we come across a difficulty or challenging, puzzling situation, just sit back and look at the other side, you will be surprised to see an easy way to handle the problem.

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