Being the Sunshine

One of my favorite quotes is, “Stay close to the people who feel like sunlight.” I don’t remember when I first read it, but over the past few years, it has taken on a significant importance in my life. I’ve always tried to value quality over quantity. I have a tendency to swiftly and infinitely remove people who no longer bring “sunlight.” I guess it happens as you grow older (and maybe wiser! 😉). Resources become limited and I physically don’t have the capacity for anything less than sunlight. One of the things I’ve found most valuable from this mindset shift, is I become a better person along the way.

It’s truly remarkable how we can adapt and grow when we’re soaking up sunshine rather than spending too much time in the shade. Have you found your sunlight people? They are far and few between, but I promise they’re out there.

How to know if you’ve found your sunlight people:

  • They nurture and respect your vulnerability.
  • Your deepest and most treasured core values are aligned.
  • They are supportive of you in your good times.
  • They are supportive of you in your bad times.
  • Your time with them feels intentional and leaves your cup full.
  • They are consistent and steadfast, yet adaptable to life’s ebbs and flows.
  • You don’t worry about the state of your house when they drop by for a visit. They love you and will never judge the tornado your 2-year-old or your dog or you yourself have created.
  • You want to share your biggest triumphs and your lowest lows with them. And most importantly, you feel safe sharing these with them.
  • They always respect your time and your personal growth. Healthy boundaries are important on both sides.
  • They have gratitude. They truly appreciate everything they have in life, which makes them happier and satisfied.
  • They choose every opportunity to experience joy.

You’ll know your sunshine people when you find them. The warmth is undeniable. Fill your cup with their light and you’ll fill theirs right back.

Here’s a lovely story on being the sunshine!

Once, a teacher and his young assistant arrived at a village where the people were angry and quarrelsome. At their request, he gave them his blessings, and asked them to remain together in the village forever. 

In the next village they met joyful people who were cooperating with one another and caring for each other. The teacher blessed them too, but asked them to leave the village, and spread out across the country.

The puzzled assistant asked the teacher why he had given such different advice. The teacher smiled, “Those angry, argumentative people will only spread their unhappiness wherever they go. So I asked them to stay where they were. But it is better for the caring people to spread out, taking their happiness with them. Then others will also learn to be joyful.”

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